A question to ponder

What person would your child grow up to be?

The world we live in is constantly reinvented by humanity, by technology, by mother nature and even by viruses. Our children will face a very different times when they grow up. Most of our school educaton misses to provide education meet the challenges our children may grow up to face. In addition grades also suffer if parents do not have the time to spend helping children with school work.

At TalkingChalks we realize the need for instructor led learning, especially for something as intimidating to learn as math. We understand the limited time working parents have to spend with their children. All our programs are designed to impart enrichment in the math and early computer science through 1 on 1 and small group tutoring and there by provide time back to parents so they can teach their children things that no one else can - life lessons.

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Why Choose Us ?

TalkingChalks online tutoring programs feature passionate teachers, personalized learning and continous learning assessments in a friendly, easy to learn environment.

Quality Teachers

Our teachers have verified academic track record and passed our instructor certification program

Aligned Curriculum

We follow US Common Core curriculum for all tutoring programs as much as possible. Our teachers are aligned with school work.

Personalized Learning

Each student is special, gets directed attention and a personalized learning experience

Life Skills Focus

Our dynamic teaching gives students a practice on life skills like Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Problem solving skills and Persistence

Thinking Process Focus

Our programs are designed to build critical thinking skills and help children interpret the real world around them with a balanced mind

Long Term Success

We give children holding hands to boost their innovation and creativity and positively impact their future success

Featured Customer Experience


Our courses are for students from 6 years to 16 years of age. It is not uncommon we are asked how we teach our students, especially the younger ones. This is a brief video of a 7 year old student who we wanted to show case.

If you see the video you will note how these classes are specially designed for young children and the impact we have beyond learning their first lessons in coding

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Our Tutoring Programs

TalkingChalks online instructor led classes helps children learn in a friendly, easy to learn environment with necessary hand holding when needed

Math Tutoring

Online face to face tutoring by certified tutors providing conceptual math enrichment in a personalized manner

HomeWork Help

Our tutors spend time with children to explain any questions and do homework together providing a parent like oversight

Coding Classes

Our Coding programs provide an opportuntity to provide kids with high quality early childhood education

Popular Courses

Our programs are suited for kids from 6 to 16 years if age. Given below are some popular programs. View all courses to select a program of your interest from our courses page.

Elementary Math

Elementary Math, Grades 3 - 5[PL]

Elementary Math for Grades 3 to 5 is our online tutoring program aligned with the common core curriculum kids will learn in their schools. These sections build on numbers, introduces geometry, and algebraic thinking. Our course engages students with activity based learning and expert guidance from our live teachers.

  • Age: 8-10 Years
  • Time: 1 hr class, 1 to 2 classes/week
  • Class size: 1 to 4 students

Elementary Math, Grades K - 2[PL]

Elementary Math for Grades K - 2 is our program for kintergarten to 2nd grade students aligned with the common core curriculum, kids will learn in their schools. These sections focus on building the basic math skills. Our course engages students with activity based learning and expert guidance from our live teachers.

  • Age: 5-7 Years
  • Time: 1 hr class, 1 to 2 classes/week
  • Class size: 1 to 4 students

CS Pre-Reader Express [6-7][PL]

Our Pre-reader express computer coding course is focused on children who are just beginning to read. This is usually the first course for our students and enables them to learn core concepts of coding in a fun way. This is a great course for young minds and most children find this course very interesting.

  • Age: 6-7 Years
  • Time: 1 hr class once a week
  • Class size: 1 to 4 students


Check out some of our students who have reached definitive milestones in our program. We are so proud of their accomplishments.

A word from our Customer!

These teachers contribute in a big way to the growth of my kids!

Jaya is a full time professional and finds it challenging to spend enough time helping her kids with school work especially with Math. She is very glad that she found our programs.

Our tutoring programs have prooved to be very beneficial for our customers. We encourage you to view Jaya's entire video and videos from other satisfied custmers.

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