TalkingChalks online tutoring programs feature passionate teachers, personalized
learning and continous learning assessments in a
friendly, easy to learn environment.

Quality Teachers

Our teachers have verified academic track record and passed our instructor certification program

Aligned Curriculum

We follow US Common Core curriculum for all tutoring programs as much as possible. Our teachers are aligned with school work.

Personalized Learning

Each student is special, gets directed attention and a personalized learning experience

Life Skills Focus

Our dynamic teaching gives students a practice on life skills like Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Problem solving skills and Persistence

Thinking Process Focus

Our programs are designed to build critical thinking skills and help children interpret the real world around them with a balanced mind

Long Term Success

We give children holding hands to boost their innovation and creativity and positively impact their future success

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We believe every child is different and so is every program. Our teachers will develop a personalized study plan, homework help, fun activities, and skill-building exercises for a strong educational foundation. We can do all this for FREE once you enroll in our free sessions.

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