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Ignite your child's language skills and cultural connection this summer with TalkingChalks! Our engaging Indian language course offers interactive learning, quizzes, and tests. Enroll your child today for a fun-filled language journey! Explore summer courses, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada classes online.

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Hindi Language Basics

Duration: 10 hrs Writing | Speaking | Reading | Listening

Are you interested in mastering Hindi? Our tailored course, suitable for ages 5-15, provides a solid foundation in Indian language, Hindi. Join our online classes to learn and speak Hindi confidently, making communication with native speakers a breeze! Enroll now in our Hindi language program.

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Malayalam Language Basics

Duration: 10 hrs Writing | Speaking | Reading | Listening

If you're keen on learning Malayalam, our course is ideal for ages 5-15. It provides a comprehensive grasp of Malayalam grammar, vocabulary, essential phrases, and conversational skills. Engaging exercises ensure swift fluency in this beautiful language. Start Malayalam learning now! Learn Malayalam through English with ease.

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Tamil Language Basics

Duration: 10 hrs Writing | Speaking | Reading | Listening

Unlock the mesmerizing world of Tamil with our captivating course! Beautiful and intricate, this language need not be intimidating. Tailored for ages 5-15, it encompasses vital grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills. With expert guidance, you'll swiftly master Tamil. Enroll now to learn Tamil for beginners and speak with confidence. Online Tamil learning has never been more engaging!

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Kannada Language Basics

Duration: 10 hrs Writing | Speaking | Reading | Listening

Looking to learn Kannada? Our online Kannada classes are ideal for ages 5-15. Discover the beauty of the Kannada language through our basics course, encompassing grammar, vocabulary, essential phrases, and conversational skills. With interactive lessons and engaging exercises, mastering Kannada becomes enjoyable and easy. Start your journey to fluency today! Learn Kannada online and speak Kannada confidently.

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Telugu Language Basics

Duration: 10 hrs Writing | Speaking | Reading | Listening

Learn Telugu easily with our Telugu language basics course, designed for ages 5-15. Master grammar and vocabulary, and speak fluently with our expert guidance. Whether you want to learn Telugu through English or as a beginner, our engaging online lessons will make it a breeze. Connect with Telugu speakers effortlessly as you develop essential language skills. Start your journey into the world of Telugu today!

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The duration of the course is for 10 hours, spread over 2 weeks(Mon-Fri), with each session lasting for one hour
The price of each course varies, so it's recommended to contact our counselors or check the payment page for more information.
Group sessions can be offered in special cases for summer sessions. For more information, it's recommended to contact the counselors.
The summer sessions are entirely online

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Talking Chalk's Malayalam class improved my daughter's confidence in speaking and communicating in Malayalam. Highly recommend their online classes.

Ganga Balakrishnan

Talking Chalk's Malayalam class was great for my daughter. She learned to communicate in Malayalam in under a year with an excellent teacher. Highly recommend.
Philip Chacko

Talking Chalks has been effective in teaching my child Malayalam with an engaging and child-friendly approach. It has made learning fun and helped my child maintain focus.

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