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"One of the greatest appreciation I got was from a little kid like her when she wrote “Best teacher” on the screen"

"I was really surprised to see this and this is the reason why I love teaching. It fills me with the positive vibes from them"

Dr. Chitra Mohan, Tutor at TalkingChalks
Why the children we teach love us!

How our Lead Learner Teaching Philosophy makes an impact

I am Dr. Chitra, one of the online tutors from the Talking Chalks Teachers’ team. I would like to share my experience and results applying our personalized learning approaches. We take an approach to build the foundation & guide the students to make decisions themselves.

We call this our Lead Learner teaching philosophy. We have found great success with the approach in terms of child development and being the best they can be.

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These teachers contribute in a big way to the growth of my kids!

Jaya, a devoted full-time professional, faces time constraints when assisting her kids with Math. Luckily, our tutoring programs come to her rescue! Our online tutoring services offer private lessons with the coolest teachers who use fun activities to build strong foundations.

Witness Jaya's inspiring teacher story and testimonials from other satisfied customers. Experience personalized learning with our expert tutors, fostering optimal child development.

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